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Computer Networking Services

Managed IT Services

Designed to reduce your costs, increase your productivity and mitigate your business risks, we partner with you as your Virtual IT Department, allowing you to focus on running your business, not your technology


Cloud Computing

Does your business demand greater performance, rapid scalability and higher availability from your line of business and productivity applications to remain competitive?


VoIP Phone Services

Thinking about a new Phone System? Let us introduce you to VoIP and features such as Unified Messaging – where all of your voicemails are forwarded to your email for the ability to retrieve and forward messages to and from anywhere to anyone.


Disaster Recovery

Statistics show that on average, over 40% of businesses that do not have a Disaster Recovery Plan go out of business after a major loss like a fire, a break-in, a storm, or sabotage.


Managed IT Services

Ask yourself, does it make sense to outsource your IT needs?

The benefits you get from using a Managed Services Provider are numerous and we would love the opportunity to discuss these benefits with you. I would suggest that you do your own research beforehand but then talk to us and let us explain them to you based on our years of experience.


This is one of the things
we do best 

We Care! That is probably one of the strongest traits I would like to diseminate about Presidium and its staff is that we care. We care about your business and we care about our reputation and how are clients perceive us as a company. We will go above and beyond to make sure your systems are running properly and that your business is not hindered by your technology. 

Latest News

Below you will find some articles that have hit our inbox that we feel you should be aware of. The Internet is a fantastic tool for business but it can also be the downfall of a business. However, you should let us worry about these threats so you can focus on what you do best and that is run your business.


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